“It’s so easy to be a big fish in a little pond, but its so much more fun to be a shark in the ocean,” said Adam. Dressed in all black and lounged back in his chair, we’re sitting in their quiet studio in Burbank, California. Adam Up, 21, is part of the eclectic trio Profit$.

Like the words that Adam was once told by a friend, Profit$ are sharks. They quietly lurk in the dark depths of the Internet and are starting to rise to the surface. They’ve been able to do so by effortlessly fusing a myriad of genres such as hip-hop, electronic, and R&B.

Although they have been working together in Los Angeles for two years now, the three all come from varied backgrounds.

In 2013, Adam moved from the city of Minneapolis to Los Angeles to attend college and study physics. On the side he spent his time as an acoustic singer, songwriter, and producer fueled by his passion for hip hop. His sophomore year he decided to focus on music full time. He eventually transferred to the SAE Institute, a school focused on creative arts, in Los Angeles. There he met fellow member and producer Joe Lobos.

“I mainly went to SAE to be able to mix my own stuff, but then when I came here I just met badass engineers,” Adam said.

Among those engineers was fellow member Asmatic. Asmatic first heard some of Adam’s music at Joe’s house and instantly knew he wanted to work with him.

“I was like whoa who is that guy. I want to meet him. I then told Adam that he’s going to do some big shit and we’ve got to do something,” Asmatic explained.

After they graduated from SAE, the three began collaborating in the studio and naturally formed Profit$. “We always knew we were going to be a group, because we were creating this trap sound together for about two years now,” Asmatic said.

Four months ago, they released their first track “No More”, a track that takes on a myriad of sounds from different genres. Following “No More,” Profit$ released equally mesmerizing tracks “Heatin Up”, “Smoker”, and “Outta State Plates.” Amassing thousands of plays, they have a unique sound that is rooted in their word play and production.

 Confining Profit$’ music to just one genre is unbefitting. They are dynamic and like their peers their music refuses to be defined to one genre.

“We’re trying to stay floating above every category and genre. We try to make different music every day.”

“As soon as a song sounds like something else, we try something different. Were always tying to do something that sounds new to us. We’re always use different drums every time we make a song and we always mix a song differently,” said Lobos.

Online you won’t find any photos showing the faces of Adam, Asmatic, or Joe as Profit$.

This has been intentional.

“Our original plan was to be unidentified. We didn’t want to show our image or anything. We wanted to be demographically expandable worldwide. People are so judgmental on how you look and how you sound once they put a face to you and that sound. We were trying to keep on a mask, but we’ve been going through [phase where we think] this might not work and we might just have to not give a fuck. Were still trying to figure it out,” Asmatic said.

As they prepare for their forthcoming EP, the three have been working with longtime collaborator and rapper King Leaf, and electronic duo The Code.

The EP will consist of three songs, which Asmatic describes as “feel good tracks”, that are vibey and unlike anything we have yet to hear from them.

The ever-changing sounds of Profit$ are an ultimate reflection of the groups continuous metamorphous as artists and a clear sign as where they are headed.

“Its not going to be like anything we’ve put out yet. We’re always going to be switching our lane and we’ll be putting out different music. People are going to be confused, but that’s okay.”


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