Kez The Dude is a producer from Chicago who we have been closely watching for some time. In a recent post, we detailed the growth and evolution that we have witnessed from him since we first came across his music.

Today that still remains true. Kez has now released his nine track EP The Environmental Project. The EP  is a result of a year long effort that began after a bad break up following his previous EP Don’t Ask Chantel. 

Throughout the year we have heard impressive remixes from the talented producer, but his latest is an unfiltered and honest approach that uses sounds from our everyday environment. Using sounds from his “real life”, the project takes listeners on a journey with a radio host to find his ex-girlfriend.

We caught up with Kez to talk about what was it like creating the project and what he wants people to take from the project.

Q: What was it like creating this project?
Kez The Dude: I traveled to different places in the city recording audio clips. Once I had all the tools to create the sonic landscapes, I began to write. I wrote a screenplay of sorts for each environment in the album. I casted voices that felt right for the characters in the project.

Q: How is this different from anything you have created before?
Kez The Dude: What sets this project apart is its authenticity and originality. There are no samples in this project other than from real life sounds. Every melody and chord progression I wrote myself. The narrative was totally conceived by a similar experience I had in my life. It was easily the most challenging and demanding project I have ever made.

Q: Why is it called The Environmental Project?
Kez The Dude: [It’s called] the Environmental Project because my intent was to make the listener aware of their sonic surroundings. I wanted the title of the work and songs to guide listeners in the direction that I wanted to take them. This piece is not traditional music. It is a journey. It is a pioneers project. I wanted to make art that had life within it. Art which placed listeners in contexts, and spaces that mirrored reality. 

Q: What song would you recommend that a first time listener, listen to?
Kez The Dude: I would recommend My Old Crib (Lil Poke) to a first time listener. Zach Smiths vocal performance is incredible on that song. It was the oldest song on the project and probably has the most versions. I am very proud of how the final product turned out.

Q: What do you want people to take from this project?
Kez The Dude: I made this to open people’s ears to the possibility and omnipotence of sound. I made this to remind us that the most exciting and original sensations are in life itself. I hope listeners and artists alike become inspired to push the medium music. Finally they should ask themselves how big of a role does the environment play in shaping stories, artwork and most importantly humans.

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